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Audi A4

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Audi A4 economical rent Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 63.00 per day

Pontiac Matiz

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Pontiac Matiz low priced hire Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 15.00 per day

Hyundai Trajet 7 seater

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Hyundai Trajet 7 seater affordable hire Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 61.00 per day

Lincoln Towncar

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Lincoln Towncar low budget rent Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 152.00 per day

Toyota Yaris Automatic

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Toyota Yaris Automatic low cost hire Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 25.00 per day

Citroen C1

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Citroen  C1 economy rent Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 22.00 per day

Ford Luton Box with Tail Lift

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Ford Luton Box with Tail Lift best price hire Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 22.00 per day

Mercedes C Class (with Sat nav)

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Mercedes C Class (with Sat nav) best price rental Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 48.00 per day

Ford Focus Stationwagon Automatic

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Ford Focus Stationwagon Automatic budget rent Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 27.00 per day

Jeep Wrangler

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Jeep Wrangler budget rental Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 39.00 per day

Volvo V70 Wagon

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Volvo V70 Wagon low budget rent Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 53.00 per day

Mercedes C Automatic Stationwagon

*or similar Dalyan (mugla) Mercedes C Automatic Stationwagon affordable rent Dalyan (mugla) Sep 11 34.00 per day
  • Cheap Rental Downtown

    Downtown is one of the locations in which you can rent a low priced car in Dalyan (mugla) using our time saving online booking service. As any rental location in Dalyan (mugla), you can hire various low priced rentals in Downtown and tour Dalyan (mugla) with a 100% guaranteed vehicles. When you rent a car in Downtown, Dalyan (mugla) it means you can visit all city attractions, restaurants, shops and markets without using public transportation and choose yourself the exact hour you should leave your hotel or any other accommodation and go sightseeing or touring Dalyan (mugla). Downtown car hire makes the Turkey weather conditions irrelevant to your visit in Dalyan (mugla) and enables you to decide what to do and when easily and comfortably. Hiring a can in Downtown will boost your stay in Dalyan (mugla) and your visit will become much more enjoyable and relaxed.

    How to Rent a Car In Downtown:

    Most of the people that ask themselves where can they get a cheap car rental deal in Downtown, Dalyan (mugla), try their luck at international car rental companies at Dalyan (mugla) - Avis, Budget, Thrifty, Hertz, National Car Rental, Eurocar, Argus Car Hire, Sixt, Car Hire 3000 are some of the leading companies and agencies in Dalyan (mugla). At Bingo Car Rental we offer a different option - why not compare prices of all rental agencies in Downtown? Then just pick the cheapest offer! As the cars we rent come from all agencies you can choose your vehicle from a large variety of cars and enjoy best rental rates. In Downtown our cars to rent include:

    8 seater cars and vans:

    renting an 8 seater in Downtown, Dalyan (mugla) ‫will allow you to take advantage of some of best autos such as Toyota Sienna, GMC Savana 1500, Honda Pilot and other superb large family cars. Some of our Downtown 8 passenger cars and minivans are automatic but one can find some manual transmission people carriers too. Try our ‬ eight person SUV cars such as Ford E-150, Chevrolet Express 1500 and Chevrolet Traverse for a one day rental, a week or for a month's time.

    7 seater cars and Minivans:


    Our Dalyan (mugla) Downtown minivan hire service will provide 7 seater cars with our best prices. Hire a 7 seater MPV as the automatic Mazda 5 or the Chevrolet Orlando and enjoy a perfect family SUV for any purpose in your trip to Turkey.

    Estate Cars:

    We have some estate cars which their availability depends on the exact rental location. Estate cars are vehicles similar to VM Passat, Vaushall Insignia, Audi A4 Avant, Skoda Superb Estate, and the BMW 5 Series Touring and others. Rent your manual or automatic Estate Car from Downtown.


    SUV and 4x4 cars:


    You can hire 4x4 cars in Dalyan (mugla) near Downtown to enjoy an off road 4wd car. 4x4 SUV include cars similar to Kia Sportage, BMW X3, Fiat Panda 4x4 and others.

    You can be younger than 25, choose a one way car hire from Downtown to drop it off at every other location in Dalyan (mugla) or Turkey, and have a relatively low budget to hire a car from Bingo Car Rental - try our top cars with the lowest prices to start your journey from Downtown.

    Compare Rental Rates

    In the table below find different car categories for short term rental and make a comparison of their prices.

    Car for hire Rental Category Passengers Transmission Ave. Rate per day* Mileage
    Mercedes C Class (with Sat nav) Full Size 5 Manual 566.62 Unlimited
    Toyota Yaris Automatic Full Size 5 Automatic 215.79 Unlimited
    Jeep Wrangler SUV 4 Manual N/A Unlimited
    Pontiac Matiz Compact 4 Manual N/A Unlimited
    Citroen C1 4 Manual 88.2 Unlimited
    Audi A4 5 Automatic 234.8 Unlimited
    Hyundai Trajet 7 seater 7 Manual 505.74 Unlimited
    Ford Luton Box with Tail Lift 3 Manual N/A Unlimited
    Ford Focus Stationwagon Automatic 5 Automatic N/A Unlimited
    Lincoln Towncar 5 Automatic N/A Unlimited

    * The prices may change according to the time of year. The actual price will be defined after filling the form with full details and receiving rental offers.

    Whether you live in Downtown, Dalyan (mugla) ‫ and want to hire a car for a family vacation, or if you arrived at any hotel in Downtown and want to hire a car and start touring Dalyan (mugla) from there, it is now simple to compare Downtown car rental rates and offers with Bingo Car Rental! Comparing car rental rates in Downtown as well as making a comparison of prices all over Turkey, is now easy and just requires you to enter your exact dates and choose your preferred car and this simple procedure will return low priced car rental deals for you to choose from.
    Auto rental can no doubt enhance your vacation in Dalyan (mugla) and as it is now so convenient to hire a car in Downtown and tour around comfortably - renting a low priced car seems to be the right option. Compare rental rates with our powerful search engine and achieve the cheapest rental rate in Downtown.


    Other rental locations close to Downtown, in Dalyan (mugla), Turkey:

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