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Audi A4

*or similar Hamburg Audi A4 cheap rent Hamburg Sep 11 52.00 per day

Volkswagen Golf Automatic

*or similar Hamburg Volkswagen Golf Automatic budget hire Hamburg Sep 11 29.00 per day

Toyota Rav4

*or similar Hamburg Toyota Rav4 affordable hire Hamburg Sep 11 56.00 per day

Audi A4 Automatic 2/4 door

*or similar Frankfurt Audi A4 Automatic 2/4 door low priced rent Frankfurt Sep 11 43.00 per day

Audi A6

*or similar Muenchen Audi A6 economy rental Muenchen Sep 11 52.00 per day

Peugeot 107

*or similar Frankfurt Peugeot 107 economy rent Frankfurt Sep 11 27.00 per day

Opel Corsa 5dr

*or similar Hannover Opel Corsa 5dr affordable hire Hannover Sep 11 29.00 per day

Mazda 6

*or similar Hannover Mazda 6 affordable hire Hannover Sep 11 35.00 per day

Citroen C5

*or similar Hannover Citroen C5 best price rent Hannover Sep 11 43.00 per day

Chevrolet Impala LS

*or similar Augsburg Chevrolet Impala LS low priced hire Augsburg Sep 11 45.00 per day

Citroen C4 Picasso Auto (with Sat nav)

*or similar Hannover Citroen C4 Picasso Auto (with Sat nav) low priced hire Hannover Sep 11 43.00 per day
  • Minivan car hire

    Germany is a vast country located in Western Europe sharing borders with nine European countries. Whether you come to Germany by train or by plane, hiring a Minivan in Germany is ideal to get around its stunning scenery and its vibrant cities abundant with historic legacy. If you plan a grand tour of Europe, you can rent your Minivan in Switzerland, France, Italy or Austria and start exploring Bavaria, a picturesque region in south Germany or fly to Munich and book a Minivan at Munich international airport.

    Enjoy a scenic drive while taking your Minivan on the Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse) through Bavaria from Füssen to Würzburg along beautiful vineyards, hilly countryside, medieval cities like Rothenburg ob der Tauber boasting a lovely historic center, or Feuchwangen with nice gothic architecture. The imperial city of Würzburg, renowned for its palace "The Residenz" and the Neuschwanstein Castle are well worth a visit. Another great option for driving fans is to take the Alpine Road (Deutsche Alpenstrasse) stretching along winding roads from the Austrian border till Berchtesgaden, near Salzburg. Besides a great driving experience, you will enjoy the spectacular mountainous landscape of the Bavarian Alps, its ski resorts as well as the hospitality of its villagers.

    Our Minivan car rentals are available in Munich (München), the capital and heart of Bavaria and a very popular destination in Germany. Reputed for its art and culture, there are many monuments and museums including the Art Gallery of Modern Art (Pinakotek der Moderne). Munich is reputed mostly for its Oktoberfest, a legendary beer festival and its numerous Biergarten and, on a lesser note, for its concentration camp of Dachau located 20 km away from the city. From Munich, take your Minivan car rental to Stuttgart and pay a visit to the Mercedes-Benz factory and the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz car museums. Drive on northwards to Heidelberg, a world-renowned university city; take a stroll around the old city (Altstadt), then walk up the hill to its beautiful Old Castle or take the mountain railway (The Bergbahn). The Belvedere Terrace will offer you a breathtaking view over the old town and the Neckar river bridge.

    Driving north of Heidelberg with your Minivan rental, get to Frankfurt, a city of contrasts presenting well-preserved ancient buildings next to the highest skyscrapers in Europe, hence its nickname of Mainhatten. Frankfurt is a very lively city reputed for its fair trades, including the famous Frankfurt Motor Show held every two years. Leaving Frankfurt with your Minivan rental, drive eastwards along the Rhine River in the very touristic Rhine Valley via the cities of Mainz, Bingen, Koblenz, Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf. Alternatively, you can fly to Cologne/Bonn Airport (Flughafen Köln/Bonn), rent a Minivan and start exploring Cologne and/or heading to the northern cities of Hanover and Bremen, head to the Baltic Sea Coast, discover the cities of Lübeck, Kiel, and Stralsund while nature lovers will head to the island of Rügen and the region of lakes of Mecklenburg.

    On your arrival in Berlin, the capital city of Germany, you can hire your Minivan at Berlin Tegel Airport or at various locations across Berlin, a city with a most interesting historic heritage. Start with its historical center "the Mitte", once part of East Berlin, including political institutions like the Reichstag, the Rotes Rathaus, the famous Boulevard Unter den Linden, Museums, the Brandenburg Gate and of course the iconic Checkpoint Charlie which used to be the crossing point of the Wall between West Berlin and East Berlin. Berlin is also an ideal destination for shopping, art and culture, music and fine food amateurs.

    Whatever your itinerary, renting a Minivan in Germany is an ideal way to discover the multiples facets of this prominent country while driving on motorways with no speed limit (Autobahn) or lovely scenic roads.

    Rent a minivan in Germany if you are a small group of people or if you're family needs additional luggage space. Minivans are usually 7 seat cars so that seven passengers would fit in conveniently. Minivans are ideal for day trips from your hotel and back, i.e. traveling lightly without heavy suitcases, however, minivans for hire will be less convenient for traveling with the maximum number of passengers if they travel with heavy packages - the luggage space is usually not suited for seven people. If you need the 7 seater for the full number of passengers and their luggage, it would be recommended to hire a van instead.
    For instance, the Volkswagen Touran (manual transmission) contains seats for 7 passengers, however, there is barely room for luggage. The Ford Galaxy, also with 7 seats, has a bit more luggage room, but not every passenger can bring along a decent suitcase.
    It is usually possible to fold the backseats (if there are less than 7 passengers) to gain more room for luggage. Therefore, for those who are looking to rent a 6 seater car - this is really the car category that is relevant for you. Six passengers will use 6 seats and fold the seventh chair and use it for a place for luggage.
    A minivan is also named a "people carrier" is various countries. In other countries, the common term for this car rental category is MPV (multi purpose vehicle). You can rent a low priced MPV in any airport in Germany and drop it of in another airport or train station.
    Touring Germany in a group can be an unforgettable adventure - Rent online a minivan in Germany with Bingo Car Hire!

    Bingo Car Rental operates a powerful search for low cost car rentals deals, and by searching hundreds of Germany car hire companies in Germany provides the best rate for your car. To hire a low priced car in Germany is easy and fast (when you are looking for a last minute rent) with Bingo Car Rental.

    Compare Rental Rates

    In the table below find different car categories for short term rental and make a comparison of their prices.

    Car for hire Rental Category Passengers Transmission Ave. Rate per day* Mileage
    Toyota Rav4 SUV 5 Manual 308.27 Unlimited
    Volkswagen Golf Automatic Family 5 Automatic 390.32 Unlimited
    Mazda 6 5 Manual 240 Unlimited
    Chevrolet Impala LS 5 Automatic 156.27 Unlimited
    Opel Corsa 5dr 5 Manual 141.1 Unlimited
    Peugeot 107 5 Manual 41.4 Unlimited
    Audi A4 5 Automatic 234.8 Unlimited
    Audi A6 5 Automatic 211.32 Unlimited
    Audi A4 Automatic 2/4 door Automatic 358.13 Unlimited
    Citroen C5 5 Manual 344.99 Unlimited

    * The prices may change according to the time of year. The actual price will be defined after filling the form with full details and receiving rental offers.

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